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Tips To Avoid Water Damage This Winter

Sal’s Plumbing, South Bay’s family owned plumbing business for 30 years is determined to bring our customers useful information when it comes to taking care of your plumbing issues and many other DIY projects for your household. This particular plumbing article is about avoiding water damage in your home.

Winter is on its way, and there’s nothing worse than taking time and money away from your holiday preparation in order to deal with pipe bursts and leaks.  Water damage can be extremely harmful to your home, so our team is sharing some of our top ways to protect your home from excessive moisture and burst pipes:

1. Make Sure Your Thermostat is Working

One of the most common causes of water damage is burst pipes. To avoid this issue, check your thermostat to ensure everything is working as well as it can be. If you have an older model, this means checking the batteries to ensure your thermostat won’t unexpectedly stop working. If you’re worried about your thermostat, consider switching to a wifi-connected model, which is designed to handle problems like dead batteries.

2. Check For Corrosion

In some cases, particularly when they’re made out of steel, your pipes will burst quite simply because they’ve taken on too much water abuse over the years. When this occurs, pipes will corrode, narrow, and slowly bust open.

There’s not much you can do to avoid corrosion in steel pipes. However, by replacing them with copper or plastic pipes, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about corrosion again.

3. Prepare Your Home When Leaving Town

Regardless of what preventive measure you take, you never know when to expect a surprise cold front. If you have plans to leave town (even for a short weekend), hire or ask one of your family friends to check on the house while you’re out of town. Make sure to keep the thermostats set to a minimum temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit to better prevent burst pipes from freezing temperatures. There are also smart gadgets that alert you (via your smartphone) to issues such as leaks at home.

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