five signs your home needs a plumber

Five Signs Your Home Needs a Plumber

Plumbing problems in your home can be expensive.  If you don’t address them, you can cause irreversible damage to your home. It’s important to pay attention to the signs, no matter how small they may seem and call a your emergency plumber immediately.   Sal’s Plumbing as been the best plumber in the South Bay since 1979.

Sometimes you might not even know that there’s a problem. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze the following hidden signs.

How You Can Tell Your Home Needs a Plumber

1. Low Water Pressure

There’s nothing more annoying than jumping in your shower and having to run around to get wet.  Low water pressure may be an indication that there’s a clog in your pipes. A leaking pipe can also block water flow which can make the water pressure. Low water pressure throughout your home is a clear sign that you have a plumbing leak or clog and may need to call a drain clean plumber.

It’s important to figure out if your leaking pipe is confined to one area of your home or whether it’s affecting your entire plumbing system. If your water is leaking in more than one location, turn off all your taps and check your water meter. If the number of gallons has changed on your water meter, you might have a leak that needs to be repaired.

2. Slow Drainage

Your sink and showers can build-up debris like hair, soap and other bathing products. When pipes throughout your house become slow to drain, you might have a clog in the main sewer line. Clearing out the blockage yourself sometimes causes more damage to your pipes. It’s important to call the best plumber as soon as possible.


3. Damaged Wallpaper or Paint

If you notice cracking, peeling or blistering paint on your walls or ceiling, this may be a sign of a plumbing leak. Drywall can start to have a bubble-like texture and eventually fall apart. If your drywall gets damaged it will have to be torn out, patched, and painted. This can be an expensive process as you may also require an interior painter.

An surprisingly expensive water bill is usually a clear sign that there is some major leaking going on in your plumbing system. If you can’t explain a sudden increase in your water bill, don’t hesitate to call an emergency plumber to investigate. High water bills are usually the first sign that your house needs to be examined by a professional plumber like Sals Plumbing.

5. Mold or Mildew

You can also use your sense of smell to sniff out plumbing problems in your home. Mildew is a musty smell that can become increasingly pungent. It can grow in areas of your home that have a plumbing leak. It will usually develop within 48 hours of water exposure. However, sometimes they’re invisible to the human eye as they can be concealed within your floor due to a broken heating pipe. If you notice your tiles bulging, this could be a sign of a leak.

Another sign you might need a plumber is mold, which is a fast-spreading bacteria that feeds on the moisture of different structural materials. Mold can also lead to health problems such as sore throat, coughing, headache, watery eyes, and sneezing. Contact your local plumber immediately if you find mold in your home, as it could be a sign of a plumbing leak.

If any of these Plumbing Problems persist and you don’t have the time to deal with them, please give us a call at (310) 692-4183, we are happy to stop by.  Chances are that our emergency plumbers are nearby in the South Bay and from LAX to Long Beach,.

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