how to water lawn without wasting water

How To Water Your Lawn Efficiently

Sal’s Plumbing, your South Bay Plumber for over 30 years is determined to bring our customers useful information when it comes to taking care of your plumbing issues and many other DIY projects for your household. This particular plumbing article explains how to water your lawn without wasting water.

All types of South Bay homes can have problems with water pressure whether they are old, new or remodeled. The build up of minerals in the water that can damage your water pipes and make your drinking water taste unpleasant. Build up in galvanized pipes can even discolor the water. Corrosion inside of pipes will also eventually cause the pipe to rust through and leak. The quality of the water inside your pipes is not the only source of corrosion build up. When copper and galvanized pipes are used together in a plumbing system electrolysis can occur. Dielectric unions can be installed as one solution to this problem.

Copper pipes should last for many years but once damage becomes noticeable it is time to start thinking about replacement. You may not need to have all of the plumbing lines in your home replaced. Sometimes the replacement of just the main line coming into your home will be sufficient in improving your water pressure. Only a qualified plumber will truly be able to help you determine exactly how much work will need to be done. Depending on the age of your plumbing you may even need to have fixtures replaced as these can build up corrosion as well. If you are considering a replacement of some of your plumbing lines have a pressure test done on your system. If you increase the pressure in your lines you may develop leaks in weak joints or older pipes.

One important thing to remember is if the city or county water system does not have good pressure, your home will not have good pressure. Water pressure boosters are available that can be added to your plumbing if your problem is with the supply source.

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