What To Expect From Sewer Line Repairs

If you are having trouble with the drainage in your home, or you suspect that you have sewer problems, then you are probably dreading the repair process.  Drain and sewer repair is no longer a costly and labor intensive process.  New plumbing technology and equipment has allowed the diagnosis and repair to be completed quickly, usually in one day.  You may be wondering what you can expect from sewer line repairs

At Sal’s Plumbing, your South Bay Plumber for over thirty years, you can expect top notch service and job completion in a short amount of time. These repairs no longer cost a fortune, but are economical and do not require your home or property to be damaged.  We will come to your home and give you an accurate estimate, and then complete the services in a timely and professional manner. Our professionally trained plumbers will take measures to ensure that your personal property remains free of dirt and debris.

We will perform analysis of your drainage problems using video cameras to provide a clear and precise picture of where the issue is and exactly what is required to repair the problem. There are methods that they can be used to repair pipes without digging up your yard. If there is a clogged or an obstruction in your sewer line we will be able to remotely access it and remove the problem. By using these methods, you can get repairs that used to take days completed in only hours.

Once our job is completed you can expect to have free flowing water and drainage from all your sinks and toilets.  If you suspect you have a sewer line problem, please give us a call, we are happy to come by and provide an estimate. (310) 692-4183.